Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wikipedia on Valentine's Day

It has come to my attention that many people believe that Wikipedia is an unreliable source of information. I'm not so sure. I know that, realistically, anyone could post anything on Wikipedia. However, I have never seen any information on Wikipedia that goes against any information that I have known before I looked it up. So, is Wikipedia reliable. Share your thoughts in this poll. On another note, I just finished making all of my Valentines. Here are some of my Valentine's Day craft ideas:


I gave some of my friends mice. Mice are simply hearts that are folded in half. You can write a mouse-realated joke on the inside and draw eyes and whiskers on the outside. It's a very cute idea.

Victorian Valentine:

I used some heart shaped doilies and Victorian clip art to make a beautiful, Victorian-style card for my mother.


I made a fish by cutting out a big heart and a small heart. I then glued the small heart behind the large heart to make a fish tale. and added eyes and a fish-related joke.


I used two skinny hearts as ears and had a big heart as a head.


I used an accordian of paper as a dress for a ballerina that i drew on the inside of a card. When I opened the card, the dress expanded.

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