Saturday, March 27, 2010

Reality T.V. Island Walkthrough

Hello, sorry about the legnght of time between this post and my last--I've been very busy. anyhow, the newest Poptropica island, Reality T.V. Island, recently premiered. Here is how to complete it.

1. Go to the island on your map.
2. Go into the store and click on the guy reading a magazine. He will drop it. Pick it up.
3. Take the magazine, and remove the form about registering for Reality T.V.
4. Go to the apartment building, and go into the door entitled, "Motel Office".
5. Click on the can filled with pens. Take one, and use it to write any message in the registration form.
6. Click on the phone, and call the number found inside the magazine for pizza.
7. A pizza person will show up. She doesn't know where to deliver the pizza, so take it from her and bring it to room 4B.
8. Give the pizza to the man in room 4B. In exchange, he will give you a stamp.
9. Go into the T.V. store, change the channel on a T.V. You now know where to send the registration form.
10. Send the form in the mail. You are now on the show. Now comes the harder part. You must avoid being eliminated and compete in various random challenges with various random contestants. The winner of each challenge wins emunity. you must win the last challenge to win the show and the island

I hope that this helps anyone who needs help. Also, must contestants on the show tend to vote for the loser of that day's challenge.

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