Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Clue - Live

I recently decided to host a Clue - Live! party. I decided that my suspects would be Ms. Scarlet, Cornel Mustard, Mrs. White, Professor Plum, Mrs. Peacock, Mr. Green, Miss Peach, M. Brunette, Madame Rose, Lady Lavender, and Sgt. Gray. The weapons are the wrench, rope, lead pipe, revolver, candlestick, knife, poison, horseshoe, pillow, frying pan, and ice pick. The rooms are the ballroom, the billiard room, the hall, the conservatory, the dining room, the kitchen, the library, the study, and the lounge. Anyway, in each room I am going to hide a Clue pertaining to a suspect, weapon, or room. If the Clue tells you about a suspect, weapon, or room, then that cannot be in the case file. The solution that I decided on is: Mrs. White, in the Lounge, with the Rope. You can change who did it by writing some CLues of our own. Anyway, here are all of the Clues:

If Black, is night, it’s not,
The lawyer’s plight, it’s not,
But in between, it’s seldom seen,
But certainly not light.
Answer: Sgt. Gray

If tree fruits were to marry,
Them being Plum and Peach,
Putting aside their differences,
A baby’s life to reach.
If tree fruits were to marry,
Their child needn’t beseech,
For Peach lightened her eyes,
And Plum darkened beneath.
Answer: Lady Lavender

If sweetness was perfection,
Perfection would be she,
If sweetness were heaven,
She’d score 203,
If sweetness was perfection,
Not that it ought to be,
The pit would be perfection,
Wouldn’t she?
Answer: Miss Peach

Flowers bloom,
Flowers zoom,
Flowers grow,
To make room.
There are no missing flowers,
There are no missing flowers,
So do not waste the hours,
Dwelling on the very thought of it.
Answer: Madame Rose

Order to you,
Order to me,
Order to Order,
Order to He,
Order to Paint,
And brushes and glue,
Order to me, and order to you.
Answer: M. Brunette

I stare from above,
The world is at my fingertips,
I spy a hawk, a crow, and something more,
A perfect display of all that is good in the world,
Bright colors,
Answer: Mrs. Peacock

Washington is first,
Jefferson is two,
Three and four are gone,
And so are faces two,
Lincoln is five
Hamilton, Jackson, Grant,
Needless to say that Grant,
Would Scream and Rave and Rant,
Franklin, McKinley, Cleveland,
Madison and Chase,
Yet not running about,
From place to place to place,
Wilson is in fact,
The highest that they go,
At 100,000,
He steals the show.
So keep your trust in God,
A color you will see,
And He of colored faith,
Innocent Be.
P.S.: E Pluribus Unum
Answer: Mr. Green

Not to be mixed up with another,
His color distinguishes him from some brothers,
Einstein’s definition of insanity,
Or Julius Caesar’s death-to-be,
Or Egypt’s Great Mythology,
All of it comes naturally.
Answer: Professor Plum

Like father, like son,
Like Mother, like Daughter,
Like Father, like Daughter?
No matter. He’s dead.
Answer: Miss Scarlet

Orange is nice, but it’s not perfect,
Red is bright, but it will go lame,
Brown is dark, but death is destined,
And Purple will lose this game,
Pink is lovely,
White is sweet,
Gray and Blue are nice,
Lavender doesn’t smell like feet,
And Green is quite polite,
Now all of these are nice, I say,
But like I said before,
None of them would survive,
In war!
Answer: Cornel Mustard

The head, I admit,
Is a venerable place,
A place to kill,
A place to race,
Yet of the weapons for the head,
One is gone without a trace,
From your elimination.
The world, I admit,
Is a horrible place,
A place to die,
Without a trace,
You will go lame without this one,
Have I met,
Your expectations?
Answer: Horseshoe

IDOLS of gods cloud with steam,
CENTERING around a dead man’s dream,
EXITING the world in some way, how?
PLEASE read these clues and you’ll learn how.
IF only later you’ll say “wow”!
1. CORRECT the errors in this clue.
2. KILL the first following a rule.
Answer: Ice Pick

The egg is on your head. Where am I you ask?
Answer: Frying Pan

Your head is weak, dead, and limp. Celebrate; the world is at peace, because of me.
Answer: Pillow

Shrimp Scampi! Yum!
Fried Chicken! Delicious!
Fried Asparagus! Great!
Assuming you’re not me.
Answer: Poison

One hit the vase. Two hit the door. Three hit the door again. Four hit the chandelier. Five hit the telegram girl. Six hit the butler.
Answer: Revolver

If the Kitchen was the hotel, I am the resident.
If the Clue was the home, am a housecat.
If you didn’t know about me before tonight, I’m surprised.
If you knew about my partner before you knew about me, I’m even more surprised.
Answer: Knife

Smoke issues like an endless peace,
But your lungs are not at peace,
Lucky this isn’t it’s use,
Although water is no less polluted.
Answer: Lead Pipe

When your asthma kicks in, I’m present.
Unless there is another source,
The chimney billows smoke,
I’m left out.
Answer: Candlestick

Fixing a pipe, but I’m no pipe.
Killing a man, but I’m no man,
Learning a speech, but I can’t learn,
Visiting a zoo, which I’m within,
Among chimpanzees and apes.
Answer: Wrench

A little game of Clue we played,
A game within a game today,
Find the game a velvet and green,
A fortune-telling magic dream.
Answer: Billiard Room

Ghosts dance by,
Frolicking by,
Wondering why,
In the room with the champagne flutes.
Answer: Ballroom

Welcome, My Friends,
Wipe Your Feet,
There are no clues,
Prepare to eat,
Cross, My Friends,
Wave Goodbye,
Say Farewell,
Eat, Oh my!
Read, My Friends,
This little note,
Remember the first,
Forget the second,
Remember My Friends!
Answer: Hall

Turn to Page 303,
Read the writing,
For the first 20,
Once that’s read,
You’re sure to find,
The answer to this puzzle!
Location: Conservatory
Answer: Library

Sit, and stay!
Dwell, today!
Place yourself in light!
Sit, today!
Dwell, and stay!
Where Alice has made things right!
Answer: Conservatory

Learn is step one,
This is step two,
This is step three,
This is step four,
It could go on,
But I will not,
Take is step five,
Earn is step six,
Although steps two-four are optional.
Answer: Study

Skinning you!
Plucking you!
Shredding you!
Eating you!
Before you eat,
And ask for more.
Where has it,
Been before?
Answer: Kitchen

Have you heard the tale,
Of Edwin McGale,
Who was so hungry,
He ate a whale,
Yes, he grew fat,
And that is that,
But where did he eat the whale?
Answer: Dining Room

I am in need of several other Clues, but I can't think of any. I might just put up signs in various rooms saying: No Clue Here! on certain rounds. Also, I added a complex plot that involved various others arriving at the manor. It would not work for everyone, but it seems to be a promising idea. Be creative, and feel free to use any of these Clues in your own Clue game.

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