Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mythology Island!

O.K., I know that I have not really been posting about Poptropica Islands a lot, but there is another one coming out on April 29th: Mythology Island. Just to keep you updated, here is a complete list of all Poptropica Islands in order:

Early Poptropica
Shark Tooth
24 Carrot
Time Tangled
Super Power
Big Nate
Reality T.V.
Mythology (Coming Soon)
Skullduggery (Coming Soon)

I don't know much about Skulldduggery Island, but I am ecstatic about Mythology Island, because I am such a huge fan of Mythology. I know that we meet Hades, and, by the look of the trailer, Athena and Posiedon on our quest. Zeus is sure to be there, but I wonder about Dionysus and Demeter. I suppose that we can only hope.

Please enjoy this dramatic trailer as we do something that we all love: wait.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Clue - The Musical

I just learned that Clue is also a musical! I found a few clips on youtube, but if anyone knows where I can find the script, or even a few song lyrics online, please comment on this post or email me at readersjj@gmail.com. Here is a song from Clue -The Musical:

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Seussical is Ready!

Hello, It's Silas, and I am happy to announce that Seussical Jr. is ready to roll. If you are interested in seeing the show, please come to Williamstown Middleschool on April 15, 16, or 17 at 7:00. The cost of a ticket is $5.00. Please come: my school could really use the money.

Here is our cast list:

The Cat in the Hat: Vanessa Vause
Thing 1: Delilah Valentine
Thing 2: Ashley Vail
JoJo: Nicholas Flagg
Horton: Matthew Vesley
Gertrude: Cailyn Wolf
Mayzie: Amanda Peacock
Sour Kangaroo: Megan Canonica
Young Kangaroo: Lindsay Saiia
Mr. Mayor: Silas Jones (me)
Mrs. Mayor: Emma Streckenbein

Bird Girls:
Rachel Bacon
Sydni Collins
Rachel Hluchy
Alyssa McLaughlin

Daniel Laskowski
William Murphy
Paul Sigall
Rocky Ciminera
Michael Beckford
Matthew Buehler

Yertle The Turtle: Kelsey Brown
Who Singer: Brandon Palazzo
Grinch: Jelani Lugo
Vlad Vladikoff: Joey Chirico
Pillberry Bush: Anelis Hernandez
Chelsea Vickers
Karly Raebiger

Jungle Animals:

Emily Anderson
Julia Bernudez
Jessica Blackburn
Stephanie Boateng
Nicole DeAcereto
Iayana Elie
Alexis Esposito
Esther Folaranmi
Elizabeth Hartka
Janine Jengehino
Kristy Li
Hannah Marcellina
Catherine Messe
Laura Oliveto
Karly Raebiger
Mary Beth Ruggiero
Deja Sanderlin
Lindsey Sowers
Amanda Stokely
Allison Streckenbein
Melanie Traub
Catherine Tullo
Brielle Viviani
Alyson Vogelsang

The Whos:

Brianna Bradford
Julia Cortes
Marina Fortuna
Maya Jones
Karia Lefebre
Allison Lempa
Samantha Swanger
Naeilah Odom
Kate Palmo
Chelsea Vickers
Sarah Tucci

The Fish:

Emily Anderson
Jessica Blackburn
Iayana Elie
Marina Fortuna
Elizabeth Hartka
Janine Jengehino
Allison Streckenbein
Melanie Traub
Chelsea Vickers
Brielle Viviani
Alyson Vogelsang
Catherine Messe
Laura Oliveto
Catherine Tullo
Deja Messe

Whew! That cast list is 65 people long, plus the fish, who all have other parts. A lot of typing. Anyway, we all worked really hard on the show, and would really appreciate it if you came. I hope to see you there.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Greek Gods and Goddesses Of The Week: Dionysus

O.K, I know that it isn't Monday, but I feel like posting anyway. I had to write a speech on him for school, in which I had to dress up like Dionysus. Here is my complete script:

I am Dionysus, God of Wine and Revelry! The Romans called me Bacchus, those nasty stealers! However, they can’t be half-bad, seeing as they worship me! Anyhow, I live on Mt. Olympus, which means that, when compared to me, you are all simply vermin. Not that I like to brag, but besides being God of Wine, I can also be symbolized by grapes, wine cups, wine-skins, the thyrsus, which is a staff made out of a pine cone, lions, bulls, goats, tigers, flutes, pomegranates, the snake, and ivy! Disrespect any of these symbols, and you will feel my wrath! Which, of course, is very great, seeing as I possess superhuman-strength, vitality, and longevity, as well as the power to change form, teleport myself, control vine growth, and make you go insane, like you had been drinking wine. Which reminds me (gulps down some grape juice). Ah, that’s better. Now, I am a god who is extremely loyal to my wives. I only have a few, two of which include Ariadne, the Princess of Crete, and Aphrodite, Goddess of Love. Ariadne and I had four children: Oenopion, Thomas, Cataphylls, and Peparethus. Aphrodite and I had three children: Charites, Hymenaios, and Priapus. No, despite the fact that it might seem like I have quite a few children, I simply hate them. I would much rather spend my days partying and drinking wine than bringing another disgusting, little wretch into existence. Now, there are many famous myths about me, including one about my premature death. Hera, Queen of the Gods, disliked the fact that my father, Zeus, had given birth to me. Desperate for revenge, she hired some Titan-assasins to murder me. They lured me to them with toys and other luxuries--I have always had a weakness for the finer things--where, they slayed me. On the ground, where my blood fell, a pomegranate tree grew. This disconcerted the Titans, who proceeded to make me into a soup. They shall not go unpunished! Athena was then brought to me, drawn by the smell of Dionysus-soup. Ha, ha, ha. She then resurrected me, and I then proceeded to go into hiding, where I invented wine, my greatest achievement. Anyhow, I then proceeded to explore the world, when pirates captured me. They mocked me, so I made grape vines surround the ship, and the roaring of tigers fill their ears. They were so scared that they jumped overboard, apparently to their doom. However, I’m a nice guy, so I took pity on them, and turned them into the world’s first dolphins. Ever wonder why dolphins were so human-like? Anyway, … (gulps down another glass of wine) so refreshing! I…(gulp) I can be quite loving and peaceful… (gulp) But not right now! (gulp) Ahhhhh! See you next year! Sianara! Auf wiedersehen! Au revoir! Especially to you, Aphrodite! Dionysus out!

In case you didn't feel like reading that, here is his complete profile:

God(dess): Dionysus
Roman Name: Bacchus
God of: Wine and Revelry
One of the Fourteen Main Olympians: Yes
Mother: Semele, a mortal
Father: Zeus
Children: Oenopion, Thomas, Cataphylls, Peparethus, Charites, Hymenaios, and Priapus
Myth: See above

Monday, April 5, 2010

Greek Gods and Goddesses Of The Week

I am obsessed with Greek mythology. Therefore, to share my obbsession with the world, I have decided to post a Greek God or Goddess profile each week. I'll start with some major gods and some of my favorites and work my way down. Anyway, today is a Monday, so it seems like as good a time as any to begin.

My favorite Goddess is either Athena or Hestia, and my favorite God is either Posiedon or Dionysus. However, I think that we shouldn't start with the most powerful or least powerful, so lets start with Demeter.

Demeter is the goddess of farming and agriculture. Her daughter's name is Peresephone (a different goddess for a different day). She can be symbolized by a handfull of harvested wheat, the pig, the snake (also the symbol of Dionysus), corn, and the sceptre. What follows is Demeter's complete profile:

God(dess): Demeter
Roman Name: Ceres
God of: Farming and agriculture
One of the Fourteen Main Olympians: Yes
Mother: Rhea
Father: Kronos
Children: Persephone, Despoena, Plutus, Kore (nameless one), Arion
Myth: One of Demeter's myth refers to the time that her daughter, Peresephone, was abducted by Hades. The young girl was frolicking in the fields when suddenly an enormous pit opened up below her feet. Up came Hades, Lord of the Dead. He kidnapped Persephone, and dragged her down to be Queen of the Underworld. Enraged, Demeter stopped making plants grow. the world would have perished if not for Zeus, King of The Gods, who managed to console Demeter. He said that Hades had no right to Persephone, and that she should be returned to Demeter. However, Persephone, lost in thought, had devoured several pomegranate seeds in the Underworld. Since she had eaten the food of the dead, she always had to return to the Underworld during the year, one month for each seed she had eaten. During this time, Demeter would cause plants not to grow well. This is the reason the seasons change.