Friday, August 14, 2009

Early Poptropica Island Walkthrough

In an earlier post, I mentioned Poptropica. Watch the video to learn more.

Anyway, there are currently 9 Poptropica islands you can visit. Here is the list:
  • Early Poptropica
  • Shark Tooth
  • Time Tangled
  • 24 Carrot
  • Super Power
  • Spy, Nabooti
  • Big Nate
  • Astro-Knights
This post doesn't, however, deal with the other islands. This is a walkthrough of the first island ever made, Early Poptropica.



Here is the complete walkthrough of Early Poptropica Island.
  1. Enter your blimp and visit Early Poptropica.
  2. Go right and enter Early Poptropica.
  3. Go right a little more until you see a well.
  4. Click on it to go down.
  5. You will land beside a small tan box.
  6. Push it over the edge of the board you are on. This will cause it to fall onto a tilting board.
  7. Push the board onto the left side of the tilting board. This will cause the board to rise high enough for you to jump onto another board.
  8. Climb up the rope, jump onto a board onto another board, and collect the glow stick.
  9. Jump down and exit the well.
  10. Go back to Main Street and enter the man hole in between the soda pop shop and the pop art museum.
  11. Go to the floor of the cavern.
  12. Dodge the spider and get the pig in the lower right corner.
  13. Dart the spider again and go to the lower left corner.
  14. Click go right.
  15. Enter the dark room.
  16. By the light of the glow stick navigate your way in the maze.
  17. Go left until you see a rope. Climb up it.
  18. Go right and pass the first rope you see.
  19. Go farther right and climb up the next rope.
  20. Go left and climb up the first rope you see.
  21. Go left until you see a large, golden egg. Collect it.
  22. Go as far right as you can and climb up the rope beside the right wall.
  23. Go left and climb up the first rope you see.
  24. Go as far left as you can and climb up the rope beside the left wall.
  25. Go right and climb up the first rope you see.
  26. You are now in Poptropica Towers.
  27. Right above your head there is a clothesline. Jump on it.
  28. The clothes line will bounce you onto a window ledge.
  29. Jump up all of the window ledges and get to the top of the green tower.
  30. Jump from the top of the green tower to the top of the red tower.
  31. Jump from the red tower onto a statue's head.
  32. Jump from the statue's head to the red tower.
  33. Jump to the top of the blue tower and climb up the vine.
  34. Run right and click on the purple giant's foot.
  35. If you have the golden egg, he will let you pass.
  36. Go right, go over the shovel, past the vine and onto the giant fruit.
  37. Jump past the fruit and collect the bucket.
  38. Go right and enter the airplane graveyard.
  39. Jump onto the propellers, which lift you up onto the top of a plane.
  40. Repeat this.
  41. Jump of the plane and collect the jet pack.
  42. Use the pack to fly over a shovel that is sitting upright under the vine.
  43. Go through the exit portal.
  44. You will land on the water tower next to the soda pop shop.
  45. Collect the flag.
  46. Return to Early Poptropica and give these items to the Early Poptropicans that asked for them.
  47. Go to the dock, enter the ship, and click on the Early Poptropican you see.
  48. He will give you your medallion.
  49. Congratulations, you've completed Early Poptropica Island.

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