Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Grades 3-6

You see, today was the first day of school for me. I've finally moved on from Elementary School classes to Middle School classes. Although I've been in Middle School for a year, I've been in fifth grade, which is still very much like Elementary School. Today I really started switching classes on my own and being in charge of arriving to my classes on time. I really like all of my teachers, except for my gym teachers. They are the classic idea of what a gym teacher is: sweaty, red-faced, men who shout at everyone in the class stuff like: "Drop and give me twenty!"
I also have to get changed this year. In the boys locker room. With a very immature group of boys. I have an all-boy class in gym this year which really stinks. I am not a fan of always being the worst player of basketball, football, soccer, tennis, and pretty much every sport that one plays in PE. I'm just not an athlete. I am very gifted in every other area of school, but sports are just not my thing.
Today my sister also started school. She is entering the third grade and got the "mean" teacher that nobody wants to get, Mrs. Fensch. I know what you're thinking: what a fowl-like name. She has been teaching since I was in third grade and is relatively young. But when my sister came home and told me the teacher who her best friend has, it is amazing how much the school has changed since I was in third grade. The teacher my sister's friend has wasn't a teacher when I was in first grade. Then, when I got to second grade, this teacher replaced my teacher, who retired that year. That teacher remained that way until I graduated Elementary School. Then, during fifth grade she moved to second grade. This she is a third grade teacher. It is amazing how much a school can change over time.

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