Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Halloween. It's here. And when Halloween comes every year, a question arrives: What will I be this year? That's what this post is all about. It is a list of Halloween costumes that I have had over the years and my ideas for costumes this year.

Peas in a Pod (8 months)
My first Halloween costume ever. My sister, Eliza also wore this costume for Halloween. All I can remember is that is was very green.

Tiger (1 year)
T-I-Double-GUH-ER. This year I went to Disney World with my parents on Halloween, so I had to be a Disney character.

Cowboy (2-6 years)
When I was little, I loved horses so I was a cowboy every year until Kindergarten. I know, a little repetitive. But hey, I was little. I liked repetition. I also remember that Eliza was a cow one year. Honestly, I can barely remember many of these years. Everything is so fuzzy.

Cat (7 years)
This was my first home-maid costume. I don't remember where I bought the black cat ears and tail, but I can remember going to the girls section at Target to get the black gym outfit that I wore. That's it. This costume was cheap, easy-to-make, and comfortable. I can also remember losing in a limbo contest in first grade because my tail hit the beam.

Mouse (8 years)
My first group costume. Eliza was Cinderella, I was a mouse, and Dahlia, my littlest sister, was a pumpkin. I remember, years later, my mother putting my mouse ears on a goat when I was in a 4-H Goat Club. I will post more information on the 4-H Goat Club later.

Native American ( 9 years)
Native American. Don't call them Indians. My mother repeatedly told me not to call them Indians. Show them respect. Call them Native Americans. I purchased this costume on eBay.

King (10 years)
It was really fun to be a King and the costume was really simple to. I had a red cape, a bejeweled, crown, and a kingly collar made up this costume. The collar was really part of a dalmatian costume my sister worn a few years previously.

Wizard (11 years)
By far my simplest costume ever. A wizard hat. A graduation gown. That's it.

Now for my ideas for this year. I have two -- I will either be Poseidon, God of the Sea, or a hummingbird. But which one. I found some neat costume ideas for both online. So which one would be better? Poseidon or a hummingbird? I'm torn. Of course, if I could convince my sisters to be Greek gods, Poseidon would be the way to go. But they want to be an angel and a butterfly, so...

I'll think about it. And while I'm decideing, please vote on the poll in the corner. Happy Halloween!

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